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Technical SEO Boost

A fast website doesn't mean anything if your website has SEO errors that prevent it from being indexed by Google. Let's fix those errors, so your website and business can shine in the Google search results.

Roelof Jan Elsinga

Is your website fast and stable, but it's just not getting higher in the search results? Are your visitors not turning into customers? Your website might suffer from some SEO and UX issues that prevent you from getting new customers. Let's help your visitors by making it easier to find your business and buy from you.

What do you get in the "Technical SEO Boost" package?

The Technical SEO Boost package helps you to make your website as discoverable as it can get. We're not just making your website great for search results, but we're actually helping your visitors to become your customers.

When we've completed the Technical SEO boost together, you'll have a website that sells your products or services for you!

Excellent technical SEO

Your website will become discoverable. You're helping your visitors AND Google to find the pages you want them to. Excellent technical SEO helps Google, which it will reward you with: More traffic.

What's included in the Technical SEO Boost package?

Let's get your website higher in the search results to reach your target audience and give your business the attention it deserves. I will help you with:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your website, so let's get in contact to find out we can improve the discoverability of your website and business. Let's get you more sales!