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Who am I?

Roelof Jan Elsinga

Hi, I'm Roelof Jan! I'm a backend developer and business owner from Groningen, The Netherlands. Let's start with a statement: I have a burning passion for starting and growing websites and businesses.

In the 6 years that I've been active as a software professional, I've learned a lot about starting and growing businesses. I've started a few myself: Plant care for Beginners, CRO-tool, Aloia CMS and several others. I enjoy growing these projects as a business, and I've seen success using my methods. I want to pass this success on to your projects, websites, and businesses to help you reach your goals.

Learning is my passion

I'm a person that's obsessed with soaking up information and learning new things to help reach my goals. I've learned to do copywriting, technical SEO, and content marketing to help me succeed.

This drive to learn really started at school, where I wanted to become a graphic designer. But graphic design wasn't for me, because I had found something else that intrigued me: software development. I felt like I fell behind my peers who were working on their bachelors degree in IT. I was working on my degree in Interaction design, so I spent a lot of my time to learn more about software development. I taught myself to pick up new programming languages and techniques very quickly. In the end, I finished my bachelor's degree in Interaction Design, but I found a job as a backend developer.

All in all, I'm a self-motivated person who loves to learn new things, experiment, fail, and learn again. If you've had a look around this website, you will have found my blog posts, recent projects, and open source work. All these things are ways for me to learn new things, experiment, and perfect my craft.