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Static Marketing Website

Most marketing websites don't change a lot, they just need to sell a product or service and be fast, lighting fast. No matter where your customers live, your website will be a fast and effective marketing tool.

Roelof Jan Elsinga

Do you have an excellent idea for a product or service but you don't have a (good) website yet? Or do you have a marketing website, but you're not converting visitors into customers? It sounds like you need an effective marketing tool to start giving you leads and earning you money. You've come to the right place!

I build good-looking and effective marketing websites that turn visitors into customers.

What do you get in the "Static Marketing Website" package?

The Static Marketing Website packages gives you a very effective marketing tool to turn your visitors into customers. Your new marketing tool is a fast static website you can host anywhere that will have top-notch on-page SEO, user-friendly interfaces, and make crystal clear what your selling and why your visitors need to buy from you.

When we've completed the Static Marketing Website together, you'll have a website that turns visitors into leads.

Excellent technical SEO

Your website will become discoverable. You're helping your visitors AND Google to find the pages you want them to. Excellent technical SEO helps Google, which it will reward you with: More traffic.

What's included in the Static Marketing Website package?

Let's build a website for your product or service that will convert your visitors into leads and customers. I will help you with:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your website, so let's get in contact to find out we can get started on your new marketing machine. Let's get you more sales!