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VPN Promise

Find the best VPN provider in minutes. Enjoy a safer, more accessible, faster, and more private internet today! That's the message VPN Promise wants the world to know.

VPN Promise is built using the static site generator Jigsaw and is hosted on Netlify. This combination makes it very easy to quickly deploy new code changes and provide a seamless deployment pipeline.

The VPN Promise website relies heavily on programmatic SEO practices to generate hundreds of different pages optimized for long-tail keywords. These pages use a combination of page attributes to generate pages around those attributes.

For example:

  • Provider A costs $2 per month and works on Android and iOS
  • Provider B costs $5 per month and works on Android and Android TV.

You can now generate different pages with the title: "The cheapest VPN Providers for Android Users". You'll see a page with both providers, sorting from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Programmatic SEO is a great way to rank many pages on highly specific keywords. None of the pages will get a lot of traffic, but many pages will get some traffic.

The type of websites that can greatly benefit from programmatic SEO

There are many other types of websites that can benefit from programmatic SEO, but you'll need to have very specific data attributes.

Examples of great data points for programmatic SEO

Campsites: Campsites have amenities like a shower, a fire pit, a BBQ station, and perhaps even a lake next to it. You can generate pages like "The highest rated campsites by a lake in The Netherlands".

Cars: Cars have specifications like horsepower, length, wheel size, trunk space, cost, and a maximum driving range on a single tank of fuel. You can generate pages like "The cheapest and most spacious cars that drive more than 500km on a tank of fuel". It's a long title, but you get the idea.

Again, these are highly specific pages, but you'll be generating thousands of them. If each page gets 1 or 2 views, that's thousands of views.