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Science of any kind is a subject I love to talk about. So I was thrilled when I was asked to build a website for Tracerlab and contribute to science in one way or another. If I can't do it through academic research, I'll do it through building a website for a great project.

Not reinventing the wheel

Since the content management aspect of this project was very important, I opted to use WordPress. Normally I create websites with Laravel, because I love to have full control over anything I build. But why should I reinvent the wheel by creating a content management system when Wordpress is right there.

What did I learn?

Creating the custom theme for WordPress was a challenge, but was easier than I expected it to be. Making sure the theme was actually editable through the WordPress UI was the toughest part to understand, but luckily the documentation is helpful at times.

Would I do anything differently?

Absolutely! Instead of using a standard Bootstrap theme I would use Tailwindcss, because this allows me to quickly set up a design. Some design elements are broken, which would be fixed if I use Flexbox, but so far I haven't implemented that.

Tools used

  • WordPress