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PunchlistHero aims to save contractors, closers, home managers, and trades time they can spend on things they enjoy. It does this by automating administrative tasks and making it simple to record issues and share them with trades.

The old situation

Traditionally, they are using pen and paper to write down issues they find while inspecting houses. This takes a lot of time and could easily be solved with a clever digital solution. This is why I offered to help make this process quick and mostly automatic.

What's my role in this project?

In this project, I'm responsible for all development related tasks. Besides that, I also talk to users and translate their wishes into technical solutions.

Tools used

To accomplish this goal, there were several tools I used:

  • PHP (laravel)
  • JavaScript (ReactJS)
  • Elasticsearch: searching and smart matching of entities
  • SCSS (+tailwindcss)
  • Redis
  • MySQL