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The CRO-tool blog is a resource on how to interpret and apply CRO. It includes resources on CRO itself, setting up certain tools, and SEO to get more traffic for your CRO experiments.

The goal of the project

The goal of this project is to inform CRO professionals about ways to apply CRO research, get more traffic for their experiments, and grow organically through SEO. As I'm familiar with content marketing and ranking with quality content, I found this was a great way to both help others accomplish their goals and improve our own SEO rankings.

What's my role in this project?

My role in this project is the development of the blog and gathering content, that might be useful to CRO professionals, to publish on the blog. This also includes write content about CRO-tool and SEO guides.

Tools used

To build this application, I've used the following tools and techniques:

  • Jekyll
  • GitHub Pages
  • SCSS (+tailwindcss)

I built this website with Jekyll, a static site generator. The content isn't dynamic and by using Jekyll and GitHub Pages, deployment is a breeze. The build process includes automatic generation of an RSS feed and sitemap for all articles.

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