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As a devoted software developer who thrives on creating unique and user-friendly digital experiences, I'm proud to showcase one of my notable projects, Authentic Foodies.

About the Project

Authentic Foodies takes users on a global culinary journey. This vibrant website features an extensive collection of authentic recipes from around the world, along with exciting food-related content.

My Role and Skills Demonstrated

I was the sole developer for this project, responsible for both frontend and backend development. I leveraged my diverse technical skillset to deliver a robust and engaging user experience.

Frontend Development

Using TailwindCSS and the Blade templating language, I built a visually appealing and intuitive interface. The responsive design ensures seamless browsing across various devices, providing users with a delightful digital culinary adventure.

Backend Development

The backend of Authentic Foodies was developed using Jigsaw, a static site generator built with Laravel, a PHP framework. This approach allowed me to build a reliable and efficient web application without the need for traditional server-side processing.


The website is hosted on Netlify, which allows for changes to be published within minutes. This quick update cycle ensures that the website always offers the most recent and relevant content to its users.

Content Production and Publishing

Despite being a static website, Authentic Foodies allows for automatic scheduling of content. The ease of writing in Markdown, combined with serverless function calls for publishing, creates a streamlined content creation and publishing process. This system ensures that the website always provides fresh and engaging content to its users without requiring constant manual updates.

Key Takeaways

Authentic Foodies stands as a testament to my abilities as a software developer. It showcases my technical skills, innovative problem-solving abilities, and commitment to creating high-quality, user-focused digital experiences.

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