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My recent open source contributions (August 2019)

Recently I've been quite active with contributing to open source projects on GitHub. Part of the reason is the necessity to move other projects forward and the proposed changes allow me to do so. Another reason is that and I have great admiration for the software packages and would like to contribute to make them better, not just for me, but for everyone else.

My recent contributions were made to the following repositories:

I'm very glad I could contribute in a meaningful way, by actually suggesting internal changes and building them to work for other people as well.

My own packages

Of course, I've also been working on my own packages, by adding new features, writing tests, and fixing bugs. For some of the packages I've also added an integration with TravisCI to be able to automatically test the packages and make sure everything still works. All of my own packages include:

roelofjan-elsinga/flat-file-cms and roelofjan-elsinga/flat-file-cms-gui are currently my biggest packages. The flat-file-cms is a simple packages that allows you to have a drop-in flat file CMS in Laravel. The flat-file-cms-gui is simply an administration dashboard that allows you to interact with the CMS in a Graphical User Interface (GUI). There will be extra packages to supplement the flat-file-cms, like flat-file-cms-auto-publish and flat-file-cms-seo. These will be added as separate packages, because I'd like to keep the core package clean and focused on the content itself. The GUI package is simply a graphical representation of the core CMS package, and could also be replaced by a completely different graphical implementation. It simply serves as "the official GUI", nothing more, nothing less.

I hope you've gotten better insights into what I've been working on in the past few weeks and I hope you'll come back for a future update. Let me know what you think of this format of blog posts by contacting me on Twitter.

Posted on: August 15th, 2019

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