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Podcasts for creators and programmers

Sharing knowledge about a topic you're passionate about is one of the most fun things you can do. You can share your interests by talking to colleagues, go to meet-ups, or by simply listening to podcasts. Which is what this post happens to be about, what a coincidence. Sander and I (Roelof) both listen to podcasts, but we listen to different types of podcasts because we have different interests and skill sets. I mainly listen to developers podcasts, either front-end development, or PHP or just Javascript specifically, they all interest me very much. Sander listens to branding and design podcasts. Below we will both describe some podcasts we listen to and also explain why we choose to listen to it.

Front-end Happy Hour (Roelof)

Front-end happy hour is a podcast with a panel coming from different companies, ranging from Netflix to LinkedIn, to Atlassian and Evernote. The podcast is about anything related to front-end development. So there is a lot of Javascript, but also HTML5, CSS, and even Swift. I like hearing from people working at big innovative companies what their take on different situations is. Especially situations I have been in myself before. Not only is it great to hear what alternatives they have used opposed to my own solutions, but I can also learn to use different tools or approaches to deal with a situation. They upload a new podcast every two weeks, so be sure to check them out!

NodeUp (Roelof)

NodeUp is a podcast that's all about NodeJS. Recently I've been more and more into using NodeJS into my projects. A few years ago I've made a simple application in NodeJS and AngularJS just to try it out. I stuck with AngularJS and sort of put NodeJS to the side. Now I'm trying to get back into it and listening to these podcasts have helped me to understand certain topics and concepts better. Coming from PHP on the server it's hard for me to imagine how Javascript on the server can be secure, so this podcast has helped me understand better how this works and what you can do to secure your applications better.

ShopTalk (Roelof)

ShopTalk is a podcast about web design. I've been working on designs and front-end development a lot in the past few weeks, so listening to people talk about it helps me to find new ways to solve some problems I could be having. The podcast is similar to Front-end Happy Hour with the range of topics, but the personalities are different. One of the hosts is the founder of CSS-Tricks, a website I use fairly often these days. So it's exciting to hear what he and his co-founder have to say about web design.

Trav and Los (Sander)

Travis and Carlos will help you to develop yourself as a person. They are two awesome people, Travis is also known for his channel Devtips (which at this point as the blog is written is on a break due to a burnout). The podcasts or focused on you as a person, design, branding, and front-end. They will discuss many things and sometimes invite other people to join their podcast. They upload on a regular basis which is fun!

Basic Agency (Sander)

Sander's favorite company is Basic Agency from San Diego, they have really awesome and well-known clients. Why should you listen to their podcasts? They help the design community all around the world to become better. They invest a decent amount of time on this. The podcast is one of these examples. Most podcasts are general and all say the same, while the podcasts of Basic Agency go in depth. It's fun to listen to these people.

Designer News (Sander)

Do you want to listen to the big names? Then this is podcast is something for you. I'm checking Designernews every day to stay up-to-date as a web designer and front-end developer. I've listened to all their podcasts. There are really big names in these podcasts, people that made it! Listen to their experiences and you might learn something that will help you grown or understand how things work within the web design world.

If you want to talk about your favorite podcasts with us, or give us some suggestions for podcasts, get in touch with us! You can follow me on Twitter @RJElsinga and on Instagram, be sure to check out Sander as well on Instagram! If you're interested in more of our posts, maybe to try to learn how to make more time for side projects!

Posted on: September 2nd, 2017

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