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Company culture - productive and pleasant for all

I want to build a company, never take any outside investments, and build a livelihood for any employees I'll have (at some point). Work should be work, and free time should be free time. When you're working, you should be able to work uninterrupted and have a great working day, but then, when you're done, you have free time. During this free time, you shouldn't work, think about work, or be contacted about work. Here's how I would manage this:

40 hours

40 hours of work per week is plenty of time to get a great amount of work done, but most people get interrupted too much to be able to actually work that amount of time. I think most people actually really work for 10 hours per week and never actually get close to 40. It's not just in the interest of employees to work uninterrupted either. Think about it, as an owner, do you really want to pay for 40 hours if you only get 10 hours of work? I didn't think so.

Work-life balance

The company culture will promote personal productivity, but at the same time making sure that you're not working (including thinking about work) during your off-time, weekends, and holidays. This means that every individual gets the chance to work how they want to work, where they want to work, and at what time. It also doesn't matter how short or long you spend on a task, as long as it's done at the deadline.


There will be no long projects because long projects drain anyone's motivation. The longest project will take 2 weeks. This seems very short, but any feature/project has a bare minimum. If it turns out that you need 4 weeks to complete the "full version" of the feature, start stripping the "nice to have" aspects and only build the bare minimum. Through iteration, you can always add the "nice-to-have" features at a later stage. The bare minimum is no excuse for a non-working feature but challenges you to prioritize your work and skip all the bloat.

Posted on: February 14th, 2019

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