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I've actively been contributing to open source projects since 2019. On this page, you can find all packages that I maintain, whether I made them myself or forked them. If you want to see all projects I've contributed to, including the projects I don't maintain myself, I'd like to direct you to my GitHub page.

roelofjan-elsinga / flat-file-cms-publish

This is a self publishing module for Flat File CMS.

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roelofjan-elsinga / flat-file-cms-gui

This package includes the latest version of the Flat File CMS, Authentication, User creation, Media management and the ability to manage the data used by the Flat File CMS package in a clear and visual web environment.

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roelofjan-elsinga / flat-file-cms

This package contains a drop-in CMS that uses files to store its contents.

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A Luke request handler to Solarium. This package currently supports Solarium 5.x.

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A seamless integration between Laravel and the Onesky API. By using artisan commands you can easily push new phrases ready for translation and pull translated phrases ready for production.

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This package helps you to resolve the language in a URL.

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This package helps you to very easily generate an Atom Feed for your website.

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This package helps you to very easily generate a sitemap for your website.

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This package converts content from strings or files to HTML strings to be rendered on a page.

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This package makes it simple to index large amounts of data to Solr.

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