Over the years, I've written several articles about things I was working on at that time. Writing about my projects and problems I was facing helped me to reflect on my development choices. Revisiting some of the problems I was facing, helped to ultimately solve the problems. I also view these posts as a view into the past, I can see exactly what I was learning to use at the time of writing the articles. This helps me to keep learning new things and improving on old skills.

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How to search "the whole world" with Solr Spatial Search

Posted on: February 26th, 2019

The elephant in the room: burnouts

Posted on: February 22nd, 2019

Company culture - productive and pleasant for all

Posted on: February 14th, 2019

Learn to say NO

Posted on: February 11th, 2019

Learning to speak Norwegian

Posted on: February 10th, 2019

5 Lessons I've learned by working on a product with non-technical people

Posted on: February 7th, 2019

Plants in my living space

Posted on: January 28th, 2019

Improving development hiring

Posted on: January 25th, 2019

Development sprint workflows

Posted on: November 5th, 2018

How I made working on my side project more enjoyable and rewarding

Posted on: October 17th, 2018

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